The Chris-Tal HOTEL

Family Story

Lucie (born in 1903) and Emile are great-grandparents of Florent, current Managing Director of the hotel. Emile is a builder and Lucie inherit of a soil from her dad who was a farmer: Joseph Choupin. They built the Panorama hotel (the actual building in front of the Saint-Antoine Hotel) and followed their aspiration for hospitality. René is born from their union. He built the Etoile des Neiges hotel from his father's plans and an extension later. René had two children:  Christian and Chantal, mother of the current Managing Director: Florent.

Where the hotel name come from?

The first-names of René's children: Christian and Chantal, inspired the hotel's name: Chris-Tal, to be opened in 1968. To this day, Chantal takes care of flowers in the hotel.

Florent, a modern Managing Director

With an early career in IT and  aware of hospitality toughness through his parents' life, Florent decided to take over family business in 2010. Relentless, Florent aligned the hotel with his values : tradition, versatility and autonomy. He manages himself the restaurant's cuisine as the cook. Moreover, with his brother they develop a hospitality management software. 

Openminded, Florent likes international relationships. He knows mixing tradition and technologies to maximise connections between his hotel and international digital platforms such as

Involved in Sustainability

Florent drives the Chris-Tal in a long term vision. He takes care of his hotel and is careful to widen the range of services. Moreover, he favours local businesses and local partnerships. Focused on social, Florent is also focused on environment. He equipped the hotel with solar panels for a hot water production autonomy.

Solar panels on the hotel's roof

Being situated in the heart of the valley, the Hotel CHRIS-TAL is suitably located to justify the use of solar energy; our heating installations use a more environmentally-friendly fuel and - in the same vein - we encourage our clients to adopt a responsible attitude towards the environment during their stay; simple acts to lessen the effects of energy consumption.

Since the original opening of the hotel, several renovations and refurbishments have been undertaken, always with the well-being of our clients in mind, and we have always taken into account the protection of our environment. The majority of our rooms are equipped with quadruple thermal insulation between the room and the balcony, which is sheltered by an inner patio (thermal and sound insulation).